Santa Claus

Top 10 Christmas Cartoons Of All Time
This is the time of year when as adults, we get excited for the nostalgia of reliving our youth a little bit by making time and sitting down and watching Christmas cartoons on tv. No, kids it' not just easier to pop in the dvd and watch it whenever you want...
The Truth About Santa Claus – How Old Were You When You Found Out?
Funny how there’s some much debate over a fictional character. Megyn Kelly of Fox News sarcastically mentioned to her audience last week that Santa Claus is white - in answer to a blogger’s note that the cherubic white Santa Claus we’ve all grown up with should morph into something more sepia-toned as our society becomes more diverse Like it matters...
Where is The Best Santa in New Jersey?
Last year we went to Menlo Park Mall, and Santa was in rare form. My son Jack handed him a wish list and Santa read it out loud ... Lego Ninjago, Rock Em Sock Em Robots, then as a prank he added, "And a Barbie!" My son looked puzzled and craned his neck to see if he had actually somehow written that and Santa bust out laughing in a very convincing, "Ho! Ho! Ho!"