Sandy recovery

Sandy victims' needs remain the same, two years later
One year after Superstorm Sandy devastated New Jersey, Monmouth University surveyed the hardest-hit victims and asked what kind of help they still needed. Thursday, Monmouth released a new poll that revealed the same victims still need the same things today as they did a year ago.
Poll: Many NJ Sandy victims feel 'forgotten'
The overwhelming majority of New Jersey's hardest hit Superstorm Sandy victims feel left behind by the state and very few of them are satisfied with how the Garden State has handled the recovery effort, according to a new Monmouth University poll released Monday.
Sandy's impact on New Jerseyans
In an effort to determine the long-term effects of Sandy on the health and well-being of New Jersey residents, the state Department of Health is backing a study that will be conducted by a joint research team from Rutgers and Columbia universities.
Focus on Restoration
A year and a half after Superstorm Sandy slammed New Jersey, the state Department of Environmental Protection remains focused on programs to rebuild and replenish beaches and sand dunes, buy out homes that are repeatedly flooded, assist homeowners in high-risk areas to elevate their homes, and impro…

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