Waitress Receives Amazing Prank
The majority of us can get behind a good prank on April Fool's Day. When it's a prank that ends in a heartwarming surprise for a waitress that changes her life, EVERYONE, can get behind that type of prank. pranked a waitress and not only gave her a big tip but she also received ti…
Radio Prank Catches Media Napping
If you were looking through news items this weekend, or if you’re a big Justin Bieber fan, you may have noticed reports saying that Justin Bieber was looking to buy a home in the Buckhead section of Atlanta and that a local group was going to protest that fact.
Mark Dice MLK Video
If you've never seen Mark Dice's videos, they are well worth watching. Dice goes out and interviews random people about their knowledge (or lack thereof) of some notable person or date in U.S. history. Dice puts revisions on each historic event to see whether the interviewee really knows t…

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