Pit Bulls

Roselle Pit Bull Owner Begs Cops To Kill It
About 1pm Monday, police in Roselle responded to a call finding a 61 year old pit bull owner on the floor being savagely attacked by the dog. Family members were there including a 7 year old boy, but they were helpless to stop the animal...
Pit Bulls – Docile Dogs or Killing Machines?
You tell me!
We hear too many stories like the ones that had taken place in Lambertville and Lakewood, where kids were attacked by dogs that were a mixed breed of pit bull and something else.
Still, it’s the fact that pits are involved should have you concerned...
Should Teaneck Pit Bull and Owner Have Caught a Break [POLL]
How I hate to pick on pit bulls…when it’s really their owners that need to be dealt with more severely.
In this little scenario, the owner of pit bull that was involved in a fatal attack on a Bichon Frise has agreed to muzzle and neuter his dog as opposed to having the dog take…

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