When a loved one influences financial decisions
Q. I think my mother is being influenced by her boyfriend to change her will and beneficiaries on her accounts. She already sold her house to move into his, and she gave him most of the money I think to cover her expenses, but she doesn’t have her name on his house. I can’t imagine she means for me and my brother to get nothing when she dies. What can I do?
How to handle a sudden death with no will
Q. The husband of my neighbor suddenly passed away at 68 without leaving any will, trust or even informing her about the finances. She is also in her 60s and is completely perplexed at what to do. They are well off financially. She has no idea where what is and is asking for help. What is the best way to help her?
When disability turns into retirement
Q. I had a question about your recent story about Social Security survivor benefits. My husband passed in September of 2015 at 66 I was told by that since I started getting disability in that same year and it was more than his benefits, I couldn’t get any of his...
401(k) plans and hidden fees
Q. Whenever I move funds around in my 401(k) — my spouse and I have five altogether — I am not charged anything, and I can freely rebalance existing balances any time I like. But within my IRA, I am charged $7 or $9 any time I move them around, so I’ve been hesitant to roll all these 401(k)s into an IRA. Are there hidden fees in my 401(k) that I don’t know about ?

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