Prescription Addiction
"Addiction Does Not Discriminate" is the slogan for New Jersey's latest campaign against the opiate abuse epidemic, sending the message that no one is immune to this deadly drug problem - not even the state's senior citizens.
Earthquake Risk and Oyster Creek
The Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant in Lacey Township, Ocean County, is among 21 plants nationwide being ordered by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to conduct in-depth analyses of earthquake risk.
Mosquitoes Multiplying
Mosquito trackers are concerned about the Garden State's pest population getting out of hand this spring and summer. Recent rains, according to those engaged in mosquito control, are not helping anyone except the bugs.
Helping Flood Zone Residents
Billions of dollars have been spent to help Sandy victims recover from the superstorm that slammed the Garden State 19 months ago, but now some Central Jersey residents are wondering if they've been left behind and forgotten.
Christie Reacts to Bridgegate Hearing
Gov. Chris Christie, appearing on "Ask the Governor," said the Select Committee on Investigation has taken almost 11 hours of Bridgegate testimony and has learned nothing that isn't in the report issued by lawyers who conducted an internal probe.
Christie Coy on Gun Bill
Legislation calling for ammunition magazines to hold no more than 10 rounds could soon be sent to Gov. Chris Christie's desk for consideration, but it's unclear whether he'll sign the measure.

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