Protecting Disabled Drivers
Beginning August 1st, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission will require drivers with disabilities to get re-certified by a doctor every three years in order to get a handicapped placard and license plates for their car.
ACLU Lawsuit Halts New State ID Program
The American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey (ACLU-NJ) announced today that it filed a lawsuit in Superior Court in Mercer County on Friday and won a court order to restrict the implementation of the state’s new TRU-ID licensing program, which was scheduled to go into effect toda…
NJ Motor Vehicles Commission Clerks Did What?!?
Ah, the driver's license. The 'privilege' of owning one. The government issued photo id which has been improved upon and held up as a stalwart obstacle against terrorism. The very thing we're making young drivers jump through more and more hoops to get their hands on. All their rules, all their …