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Top 5 Foods for Beautiful Skin
There are several beauty products, treatments and skin creams that claim to work wonders for the skin. Did you know that eating certain foods can also aid in producing beautiful, glowing skin?
A Look Back at Atlantic City Boardwalk [VINTAGE PHOTOS]
The American boardwalk was born in Atlantic City in the late 1800s. Eight feet wide, one foot high and a mile long, the original boardwalk was open to the public on June 26, 1870 and has been a popular location for tourists ever since.
Here's a look back at some postcards and photos from the ear…
Jersey Shore Fireworks Displays
Whether the show lasts the longest or lights up the sky the brightest, Jersey Shore fireworks shows have become more and more popular. Take our poll and tell us which of the following popular Jersey Shore towns has the best fireworks display!
Seaside Heights Guide 2013
If you’re looking for information about Memorial Day (Monday, May 27th) 2013 at the beach and boardwalk of Seaside Heights, then check out this guide with details including a list of open businesses, beach hours, fees and live progress of the boardwalk reconstruction!