lifetime alimony

Fight Lifetime Alimony This Monday
The mission to change alimony laws in the Garden State has reached a critical time according to NJ Alimony Reform, the group that started the movement about two years ago. They say there's a committee hearing in Trenton this Monday November 25th at 10am...
A Possible Soultion for NJ Alimony Laws
It’s been more than 35 years since the New Jersey Alimony Laws have been changed and with all that has happened since then, I think it’s about time to revisit the issue.  Fortunately the powers that be agree with me.
D&D Poll: Is Alimony For LIfe Fair?
There is a grassroots effort in New Jersey to get something done about the lives ruined over the antiquated notion of lifetime alimony in this state. Bill and I have talked about this issue several times in the past few weeks and now the Asbury Park Press is picking up on it too.