Giant catfish caught in Italy’s Po River
This video encompasses two of Dennis' favorite things. Fishing and Italy.
A man fishing in Italy's Po River caught a mammoth catfish that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. The catfish weighed in at 8ft-9-inches long and a whopping 280-lbs...
Italian court acquits Berlusconi in sex case
MILAN (AP) -- An Italian appeals court on Friday acquitted former Premier Silvio Berlusconi in a sex-for-hire case, reversing a lower court conviction that had carried a seven-year prison sentence and a lifetime ban on holding political office.
Dennis Malloy’s Tour of Italy
I was fortunate enough to be invited to my Italian cousins' wedding last week on The Amalfi Coast.  It' one of the most beautiful coastal resort areas in the world.  I went with my son, his girlfriend and my daughter.  We stayed a few days in Rome, an afternoon with a friend in Venafro (a small town…
Venice Mayor Resigns Amid Corruption Scandal
MILAN (AP) -- Venice's mayor resigned under pressure Friday, a day after being freed from house arrest under a plea deal linked to a bribery scandal involving the construction of underwater barriers to protect the lagoon city from flooding.

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