hurricane katrina

Three greatest moments of Jersey strength
As we recently passed the 19th anniversary of the horrible events of 9/11 it triggered those painful personal memories of that day. What stood out though in my thoughts was the remembrance I had of the collected effort...
Big Joe’s Authentic Gumbo (Recipe)
With the threat of Hurricane Joaquin and rain, wind and falling temperatures all weekend, it reminded me of when we went down to Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. I had the best bowl of Gumbo I ever ate, this is a great weekend to share that recipe with you again. Enjoy!
Big Joe’s Authentic Gumbo [Recipe]
Back in December 2005, right after Hurricane Katrina hit, I took a group of the most terrific people I know, which included my comrades from New Jersey 101.5, The Rock and Roll Music Fund and some great volunteers, down to the Gulf Coast.
8 Years After Katrina, New Orleans on the Rebound
Eight years after Hurricane Katrina, the Ferris wheel at the former Six Flags amusement park in New Orleans sits idle. "Closed for Storm" signs are still posted and the abandoned, weed-choked site remains a thorn in the side of officials leading one of the most extensive city-rebui…

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