Big Joe’s Fruity Tilapia [Recipe]
I really enjoy a nice piece of tilapia when I’m watching my waistline, and trust me, folks, my waistline is so big I watch it all the time! When I’m trying to be good I always try to incorporate
Congress bans import of forced labor products
A bill headed for President Barack Obama this week includes a provision that would ban U.S. imports of fish caught by slaves in Southeast Asia, gold mined by children in Africa and garments sewn by abused women in Bangladesh, closing a loophole in an 85-year-old tariff law that has failed to keep pr…
Fish caught in Japan is one for your nightmares
Here a fish that looks like something caught in a bad Sci-Fi movie. The fish was supposedly caught off the coast of Japan near the Fukushima nuclear plant. The fisherman is clearly straining trying to hold up his catch.
Could you imagine catching this thing...
Climate shift forces fish north
Climate change and unprecedented warming of ocean waters in the Northeast, including New Jersey, is pushing several species of fish and crustaceans to cooler waters, according to new research by a Rutgers team.