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Governors group skirts ‘radioactive’ Common Core
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Reviled by staunch conservatives, the common education standards designed to improve schools and student competitiveness are being modified by some Republican governors, who are pushing back against what they call the federal government's intrusion into the classroom.
School Funding Must Change
For more than two decades how New Jersey funds education has been the subject of litigation. Many education advocates accuse Gov. Chris Christie of underfunding schools, but others argue the money being spent isn't being spent wisely. The ranking Republican on the Assembly Budget Committee thin…
Giving the Arts Their Due
Do you think visual and performing arts courses should be equally important as math and science classes? A pair of New Jersey lawmakers are co-sponsoring a bipartisan measure to make it a requirement.
New School Tests Begin
Students in hundreds of schools across the state have been participating in a test run of the new assessment exam that should officially launch during the next school year.
Is Kindergarten Mandatory?
Like a lot of people, Assemblyman Charles Mainor had no idea that kids in the Garden State do not have to go to kindergarten. Mainor and a trio of other Assembly members have introduced a bill to force children to go to kindergarten and to lower the age at which they have to start attending school.
Longer School Year in NJ
Gov. Chris Christie isn't New Jersey's only politician interested in extending the school day and school year. Democratic state lawmakers have been touting legislation with the same goal.

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