A Place with Traffic Worse than NJ [VIDEO]
Next time you're stuck on one of NJ's roads, just think, it could be worse. Here's a video of traffic from Ethiopia. Apparently traffic lights are non-existent and yielding and or stopping are optional.
While the traffic seems like a mess, if we all had this background music that is in…
10 Cars Most Likely to Go Over 200,000 Miles
How long do you intend to keep your car when you buy one? Some trade in their cars every few years to stay trendy, while others are in it for the long haul. For those who don't wish to part with their cars, Consumer Reports has put out a list of the ten cars most likely to go over 200,000 miles…
Many NJ Drivers Admit to Speeding: Report [AUDIO]
Half of all drivers in New Jersey and around the country are speeding, according to a new report by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, either because those drivers are not aware of how fast they're going or because they simply enjoy traveling at a high rate of speed.
We Rely Less on Driving: Report [AUDIO]
People across the country are relying less on their own vehicles to get them to work, and depending more overall on public transportation, according to a first-of-its-kind report from New Jersey Public Interest Research Group.
Cigarette Butt Tossers Suck
I was having a fine morning. I had just dropped my kids off to school, stopped at the bank, picked up a few things from the store and was heading back home to start searching news for the show. Nice sunny morning with a slight breeze and dry, colorful leaves piled up on the grassy median. When what …

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