Should NJ require international background checks on doctors
Remember the story of a UK doctor who lost his medical license and began practicing in New Jersey after he accidentally killed a sedated patient during a tooth extraction? State legislators didn't forget Dr. Richard Kaul's actions. In fact, they're pushing forward a bill that would ma…
$190M settlement in secret videotaping of women
BALTIMORE (AP) -- Johns Hopkins Hospital has agreed to a $190 million settlement with more than 8,000 patients of a gynecologist who secretly photographed and videotaped women's bodies in the examining room with a pen-like camera he wore around his neck, lawyers said Monday.
Fighting Drug Abuse
In their fight against prescription drug abuse, New Jersey officials can't only focus on the addicts, but also the professionals who end up putting the narcotics in the hands of people who don't really need them.
NJ Doctors Help Spur State’s Economy
The American Medical Association and the Medical Society of New Jersey are out with a new report that revealed New Jersey’s more than 22,374 patient care physicians support 234,906 jobs and generate $1.7 billion in economic activity.

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