House GOP presses ahead with Zika measure
The 241-184 House vote broke mostly along party lines as Democrats lined up in opposition, heeding a White House veto threat and a warning from a top government health official that the bill wouldn't do enough to respond to the growing threat from Zika.
Bold promises, but thin agenda so far for Ryan-led House
While GOP task forces are talking about national security, jobs and health care, the House floor has largely been turned over to the obscure and the arcane. Instead of wrapping up a typical day's work at suppertime, early afternoon getaways are the norm. And it could remain that way for much of…
Despite friction with some, Cruz has allies in Congress
Despite a distinct lack of support from Senate colleagues -- not one single endorsement -- the Republican presidential candidate and freshman Texas senator has a small but loyal group of supporters in the House who are flying to rallies, meeting with voters and trying to convince the electorate that…

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