Board of Public Utilities

NJ Lawmaker Seeks To Stop JCP&L Rate Hike [AUDIO]
Assemblyman Greg McGuckin, a member of the Telecommunications and Utilities Committee, feels Jersey Central Power & Light Company (JCP&L) should withdraw their recently submitted request to the Board of Public Utilities (BPU) for a $31.5 million rate hike in order to cover the costs …
JCP&L's Rate Hike No Sure Thing
To cover expenses incurred after Hurricane Irene and last year's surprise October ice storm and to pay for infrastructure upgrades, Jersey Central Power and Light (JCP&L) is requesting a $31 million a year rate increase.
A Gripe with the Utilities?
After seeing poor grades from the Senate Budget committee on their response to superstorm Sandy, JCP&L was taken to task for looking raise their rates 1.2% to cover the costs of damages sustained by the system during Hurricane Irene and the freak October snowstorm of last year…with th…

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