401(k) plans and hidden fees
Q. Whenever I move funds around in my 401(k) — my spouse and I have five altogether — I am not charged anything, and I can freely rebalance existing balances any time I like. But within my IRA, I am charged $7 or $9 any time I move them around, so I’ve been hesitant to roll all these 401(k)s into an IRA. Are there hidden fees in my 401(k) that I don’t know about ?
The great Roth 401(K) debate
Q. I invest enough in my 401(k) to get the match. That’s 6 percent of my salary. I’m thinking of either increasing the savings or using a Roth IRA instead. How can I decide? — Roth debating
What to do when your 401(K) stinks
Q. I don’t think I have good investment choices in my 401(k) plan, but I’ve always saved the max. Does it make sense to save to an IRA instead and put the rest in some other kind of account where I can choose the investments?

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