DELRAN — A new thrill for teens is a tragedy waiting to happen.

Police in Delran all summer have been dealing with not-so-bright juveniles who are darting their bikes into traffic and then pulling away last second. "Swerving," as the police department describes it, can be extremely dangerous for not only motorists but the young bikers themselves.

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"They play a game of chicken with cars," Detective Fred Irons told New Jersey 101.5. "The purpose of this, I'm not really sure."

It doesn't appear the dangerous prank was born in New Jersey. Major cities across the country have been dealing with similar issues. In many cases, bikers traveling alongside a vehicle will swerve into the middle of the road out of nowhere, perhaps popping a wheelie or turning toward the car.

Irons said the town has had many reports, but they haven't been able to snag the thrill-seekers in the act. In these cases, officers have communicated to them the potential danger of these maneuvers.

"If anyone is seen riding a bike and causing a hazardous situation, action will be taken," said a Facebook post from the police department addressing the issue. "The parents of the teenagers will be contacted and the juvenile will be cited."

The post advises parents to tell their children that "this behavior is unacceptable and it must stop."

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