Who can wait for all that snow to arrive?

For some parts of New Jersey, the biggest snowstorm of the season was nowhere near what was expected — though don't try and tell that to folks living in the northern part of the state. Ice and wind are still knocking out power for thousands. And Meteorologist Dan Zarrow says we've still got several more hours of this stuff.

The storm's had a major effect on mass transit, canceling all NJ Transit bus service and forcing a revised train schedule. And make no mistake, some parts of New Jersey got hit far harder than others.

A few things you should keep in mind during this snowstorm:

• Failing to clear off your car could cost you big.
Price-gouging for gas, food and other goods isn't unheard of — but it is illegal.
Heart attacks are a real danger during shoveling — make sure you know how to do it safely.
• We're operating under a state of emergency — know what that means for you.

We got a little impatient for the snow – so we've sped things up a bit. See our timelapse video and sped-up submissions from the New Jersey 101.5 audience above.

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