Is it any surprise that the children at the most expensive college in the state are acting like the entitled brats that they are? Rather than debate former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly they’ve elected to try to ban him from speaking at Drew University. Wouldn’t it be better for people at an educational institution to ask questions and get information from a man they obviously disagree with? Or is it easier to just virtue-signal and insist that he’s evil. “You’re a bad, you’re wrong, we’re right and we’re better than you!”

To quote a common refrain from the progressive left, “this is not who we are." These children will no doubt be embarrassed and ashamed of their actions in 10 or 15 years. Hopefully sooner! Once they get a taste of the real world and perhaps do a little more investigating rather than posturing about what the current administration is and has done, they may come to their senses.

But for now they can be comforted by their wacky, out-of-touch professors who laud them for their “courageous stand against evil." What they’re doing is evil by silencing someone with perhaps a different point of view, if you’re going to pay that much for a college education, get the most out of it and learn from people who are different from you, rather than acting like jackasses and closed minded fools.

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