A frequent hoax regarding the New Jersey State Police and an alleged "ticket frenzy" has resurfaced in email chains and on social media websites including Facebook.

The premise of the hoax states that in an attempt to generate $9 million in revenue, the state police will conduct 30 days of extremely stringent speeding ticket writing targeting the busiest areas of some of the state's most frequently traveled roads. The anonymous warning also alleges that extra patrols, increased fines and additional police overtime will be used in the operation.

Snopes.com is an internet database that investigates urban legends and rumors that has delved into the hoax in detail and concluded that it is objectively false.

The hoax actually first surfaced eight years ago and has appeared in various incarnations periodically ever since. Similar messages have gone viral in areas around the country including California, Dallas, Texas, Michigan and Hawaii.

Most recently, an instance of the hoax being posted to Facebook on July 17 has been shared more than 14,000 times.

While the claims made in the "30-day ticket frenzy" hoax are false, the New Jersey State Police have confirmed that they are engaged in a nationwide crackdown on speeders along I-80.