Just when you thought young up-and-coming reporters would have learned from AJ Clemente that you never curse in front of a microphone, someone else comes along to prove you wrong.

Meet Lindsay Nadrich, a Spokane reporter who did her best AJ Clemente impersonation while out on the town covering a news story. Clemente, you may remember, was the young news anchor who on his very first newscast dropped the "F-bomb" on live television in Bismark, North Dakota.

In fairness to Nadrich, she was the victim of an editing error, rather than a live on-air curse like Clemente's gaffe, but it still goes to show that you are never safe when a microphone is present.

Nadrich released the following statement, via Facebook:

To all who watched the ten o’clock newscast: I sincerely apologize for the error. It was not our intention for that to make air. I apologize to those I have offended.

No word yet on whether Nadrich can expect the same fate as Clemente, which would involve her looking for new employment, more than likely in a much different profession that in front of the camera.

You can watch the clip below. Pay close attention to the anchor when they flip back to her, as her facial expression is priceless.

Please be aware that this there is foul language used in the video.

[SOURCE: Huffington Post]