Lt. Gov Kim Guadagno stopped by today for her "Diggin In With Kim" segment and in no uncertain terms, supported our effort to #VoteNoOneTwo. Kim was very specific when she explained that if you are against the gas tax, you should vote no for ballot question #2.

Shortly thereafter, we received a statement from Governor Christie's spokesperson Brian Murray:
“The governor finds it hard to believe that the lieutenant governor supports giving an unguarded pot of money to the Democrat-controlled legislature, rather than on needed infrastructure projects. It must be a misunderstanding,”

This is an absolutely disgraceful statement. This may be one of the most deceitful and dishonest comments I have heard out of the Governor's office.

A vote for the ballot question #2 is a vote for the governor. It gives Governor Christie a blank check to borrow $12 billion and you'll be stuck with the bill eventually. Governor Christie has the nerve to blame the Democrats for this as well. The governor should be ashamed of himself.

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