As you know, I spend a lot of time helping out local candidates in Bergen County and Ocean County and the areas in between. We're getting larger and larger crowds joining me on the trail as we build momentum for common sense ideas that will restore liberty, prosperity and, yes, sanity to the Garden State.

My goal is to take the message beyond the traditional GOP strongholds like Ocean County. We're spending a lot of time in counties like Bergen as well which although currently run by Democrats, the high number of GOP and unaffiliated voters show that change is possible ... soon.

Beyond that, I'm getting to places largely ignored by statewide leaders over the past few years. Lending a hand to local leaders who are trying to re-energize the opposition to the majority party in Trenton, and gaining momentum.

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On Thursday, Oct. 13, I'll be headlining an event on behalf of some terrific local candidates in Camden County.

We'll be at a private home in Haddon Heights spreading the truth about corruption in government and the way we retake control of our communities. Join me at this or the next event in your area.

Stay tuned to the broadcast and follow me on all my social media outlets as the fight to restore NJ gains momentum daily. See you on the trail!

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