I’m sick to death of idiots, snowflakes and Karens whining about masks. Just accept you were wrong about this virus being “nothing more than a head cold” and put on a damn mask already. It’s not to protect you. It’s to protect others. You’re selfish and in denial. The snowflakes having hissy fits about the constitution don’t understand it at all and if you try to explain to them that no right is absolute you’ll get their dumb cow eyes staring blankly back at you. Or a whole lot of misplaced anger.

The more they learned about this brand new virus the more they discovered microdroplets containing it remain in the air far longer than at first believed. That’s when scientists at CDC changed recommendations. It’s called science people. It evolves. Don’t argue with us about what was said four months ago. We’ve learned things. Even the WHO now says your likelihood of spreading COVID-19 is less wearing a mask.

States that were not as cautious as we were are now seeing huge spikes of coronavirus. The never-satisfied Karens of the world will lie and tell you those are fake numbers because they’re doing more testing. First of all, we’re also doing more testing and yet look at our improvements. Second, if these are fake numbers and this is fake news are Arizona hospitals filling up with fake patients and is that fake fluid in their lungs?

Then there are the fools so hellbent on not wearing a mask that they turned to a bogus organization that calls itself the Freedom to Breathe Agency which was selling fake cards on the internet that claimed to be official and stole the logo of the Department of Justice to appear legitimate. The Face Mask Exempt cards are completely fraudulent and their website has been shut down according to ABC News.

The phony cards read in part "wearing a face mask poses a mental and/or physical risk to me. Under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), I am not required to disclose my condition to you."

Yes you’re not disclosing your condition because you don’t have one. You got this card not from some doctor and not from any government agency, but from the internet. This is the same selfishness and model where people get fake service dog cards because they invented a scenario in which rules don’t apply to them.

Did you know 100 years ago when America went through the Spanish Flu there was the same delusional rhetoric and pushback about wearing masks? After the first wave the same restlessness to reopen businesses occurred and by 1919 the Anti-Mask League formed. They believed wearing a mask under public health ordinances violated their liberties. Sound familiar? The second wave came that year and was devastating. After that pandemic was over, 675,000 Americans were dead.

Yes it’s a different virus, but it’s not apples and oranges. Highly contagious. The government trying to keep its citizens safe. Citizens in denial. Refusing cooperation. Bellyaching about rights as if all rights are absolute and there’s never any such thing as a public health emergency. All pretty familiar.

And the covidiots and snowflakes and Karens have learned nothing from history. Either shut up and put on a mask, or how about YOU be the one to stay home. That will afford you more time to catch up on your conspiracy theories.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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