Get ready. Here they come! Lock your doors and windows. Hide the liquor.

Snooki and J-Woww have found a place to land. Season 2 of their spin-off show will be taped in Manchester Township in Ocean County.

A modern, two-story home is being leased out by 495 Productions for the shoot. While Hoboken, Morristown, Toms River and Point Pleasant Beach have all said no to granting the company filming permits, Manchester is welcoming the production team and the MTV stars with open arms. Mayor Mike Fressola does have a message for the two: BEHAVE.

Fressola says, "Unlike other municipalities which have ordinances prohibiting filming in residential areas, nothing in Manchester's code excludes the MTV show, or any production, from shooting in a neighborhood. We just ask everyone to be respectful and follow the laws. Anyone violating that, either cast or crew, will be dealt with accordingly."

The Townsquare News Network confirmed the production was coming to the community with a large senior citizen population after rumors circulated on the internet. Several published reports said residents in the neighborhood of Johnson Avenue had noticed film trucks and New York license plates scouting locations around, including the home.

Mayor Fressola tells us he hadn't had a personal conversation with the company but members of his administration did.

The Township's Business Administrator was told by a Production Manager from the show that they will be moving stuff into the home including production equipment during the next few weeks. Taping will wrap sometime in October. The company will also be bringing extra security staff to the location as a precaution.