Gov. Phil Murphy is at it again. Scaring people with endless reports of positive PCR tests, tests that have been shown to be as much as 97% inaccurate, all in order to justify lockdowns, mask mandates and political grandstanding while the state's economy collapses.

He sat so smugly with his family at dinner over the weekend, failing to see the absurdity and contradiction as he advises wearing a mask in between bites! Can you imagine the idiocy of that suggestion? But when it comes to what he does, well that's a bit different. He only puts his on after he realizes the camera was rolling.

The man has no regard for the devastation caused by a spike in drug abuse, teen suicide and 10s of thousands of small business suffering needlessly. He has no concern about the 7,200 elderly citizens that he sentenced to death with his reckless policy carried out by the queen of nursing home deaths herself, New Jersey State Health Commissioner Judy Persichilli. See her written death sentence for compromised individuals HERE.

Meanwhile, other states are open for business and economies are rolling again. Texas, Florida, Tennessee, South Dakota and many more. Countries like Sweden and Portugal are fighting against lockdowns and recognizing that the only way to actually "beat the virus" is to let healthy people live their lives and get back to normal.

In New Jersey, there are only a few voices sticking up for small businesses, which is the largest employer in the Garden State. As small business goes, so goes the economy of New Jersey. It's time someone stands up for them. Every small business in New Jersey deserves support, recognition and help from our government. What you don't deserve is to be crushed under the boot of government in the name of public health. As long as I have a mic, I have your back.

All week I'll open up the phone lines to let you tell our huge audience of New Jerseyans about your small business. Get in the queue starting at 6:08 a.m.! 800-283-1015!

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