Let's work together and get Ariana Grande to tweet #LoveForLauren for a big fan!

(Credit Ashley Lenahan)
(Credit Ashley Lenahan)

Lauren Diorio of Marlton is a huge fan of Ariana Grande. She has Down Syndrome and was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. Because of cancer treatments, Lauren wasn't able to go to the Ariana Grande concert she had tickets for and was forced to miss a fun night out.

Lauren's friend Ashley wants to make it up to her, and we think it's a great idea. Ashley is trying to get Ariana Grande and her fans (Arianators) to tweet out her picture and the hashtag #LoveForLauren. It would mean the world to Lauren to know that Ariana and her fans care about her, and we think we can make it happen!

Let's get this hashtag trending so Lauren can get a tweet from Ariana Grande!