Jim was discussing the story this morning about Bayonne's retiring police chief who is retiring with a staggering lump sum payout for unused sick, vacation and personal time, as well as terminal pay.

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Ralph Scianni, the outgoing police chief will receive $444,450.40 as a payout for all the unused time after 34 years on the force. Scianni earned $234,000 a year as police chief.

Now as Jim noted on the air, the agreement was made with Bayonne's previous administration and Scianni did nothing wrong whatsoever. As much as it will be a big burden on the town of Bayonne, this is just how New Jersey works.

Maybe instead of sending our kids to college, should we tell our children to get public jobs? That seems to be the much more lucrative choice than to go to college and attempt to find a good paying job in the public workplace.

The only way to stop the public feeding at the public trough, is to change it. Do you think it is time NJ institutes a 'use it or lose it' policy for accrued sick and vacation time?

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