It’s probably never been tougher or more expensive to go to college in New Jersey. The tuitions keep going up, , as do student loans, , and even the credit card companies are getting into the act. In some cases credit card debt outpaces student loan debt.


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It has gotten to the point that many students think college just isn’t worth it.

It seems like the first thing you do after deciding to go to college is rack up debt. The average student loan debt upon graduation in  New Jersey is $23,000.Young people with no idea of money management put everything on the card with the expectations of paying it off once they start their new high paying life.

But what if they did learn money management in college? What if colleges made money management a requirement to get that degree?  Colleges force you to take electives that are nothing but a waste of your time and credit dollars. Why shouldn’t they require you to take money management courses that will not only help you in the future but maybe even curb your borrowing in the present.

We see government trying to stop obesity by limiting soda and school lunches. Why not try to curb overpowering debt by requiring students to learn how to manage their money while they’re in school so that they can have a better quality of life when they get out?

It would be a course that would pay for itself! What do you think?