For a guy who was close to dead a few years ago, NJ-born film director Kevin Smith is an awfully busy man. Kevin fought back after those heart issues to lose a ton of weight and became vegan. He’s sharing some of his food favs with the opening of Mooby’s restaurant in Red Bank next week.

In addition he’s doing a drive-in style show with Jason Mewes on September 18. That’s right, the guys who brought Jay and Silent Bob to life are celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their podcast ‘Jay and Silent Bob Get Old.' You, safe in your car, them, doing screenings and a big Q&A. It’s happening at Bell Works in Holmdel Friday night September 18 at 8:30.

Smith says, “Jump in your car and come celebrate Jay for striking back against his addictions before rebooting his life.” Mewes has battled addiction and their podcast was started ten years as something for him to focus on and keep him sober. That Mooby’s pop-up restaurant opens the same day as their show so fans can make a whole day of it.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Smith twice. Once very early on right when Clerks was coming out, the movie he made by maxing out his credit cards (a gamble that surely paid off). Again in Detroit several years later. He’s one of the greatest story tellers on the planet and you will definitely get your money’s worth seeing him.

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