This morning in Trenton, Acting Governor Kim Guadagno signed a measure into law aimed at supporting individuals with developmental disabilities.

Before today, drivers of buses and other modes of transportation were not required to use their flashing red lights when picking up or discharging developmentally disabled passengers. In turn, even if the lights were used, other drivers on Jersey's roads weren't required to stop for them. With S-618, those acts are now illegal, and violators will be penalized.

"It closes a loophole in the statute that I think needed to be closed," explained Guadagno at a bill signing ceremony.

Under the new law, motorists who pass a school bus with flashing red lights and carrying persons with disabilities face a fine of no less than $100. They would also be subject to up to 15 days in jail or 15 days of community service. Violators will also receive five points on their license.

"This legislation does exactly what it's supposed to do," Guadagno said. "It proactively helps to protect the most vulnerable in New Jersey."

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