Since we're all up so early on the morning show, by midway through the show, we're ready for lunch. We nickname it #LunchForBreakfast. Friday's meal definitely fell under that hashtag.

The morning show said that we were going to honor whoever won the first game of the World Series with their signature ballpark treat. We honored our word as the Cleveland Indians won Game 1 and we celebrated the victory with an Indians specialty.

The Cleveland Indians dog is a hot dog, topped with mac n' cheese and, of all things, Froot Loops. I know how it sounds but it is absolutely delicious! Ours had a bit of a twist, as we combined all of that mentioned above, with pork roll wrapped around the dog, which is a signature of our own Trenton Thunder, the minor league affiliate of the New York Yankees.

Since we added some Jersey flair to it we had to rename it. I decided to call it a "Happy Accident." Don't let all the different tastes thrown into this concoction sway you from trying it, it is great, you'll love it. Don't knock it until you try it!

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