An internet outage at Rutgers University was not another hack according to the university.

Rutgers experienced an internet outage around 11:30 a.m., "lasting approximately 9 minutes," wrote the Rutgers Office of Information Technology on its Facebook page. "This was not a cyber attack, it was caused by an unanticipated internal system issue."

The university has been the target of several cyber attacks in the past year including a DoS (Denial of Service) attack the week of finals at the end of April that affect the ability to turn in reports and take exams. Another attack in December lasted several days.

After another attack in August the university hired three cybersecurity firms to help protect its computer networks. At the time, school officials said the firms would be tasked with testing the university’s network for vulnerabilities and other work that officials said they could not discuss for security reasons.

The school has worked with the FBI and police to find where the cyber attacks originated but no arrests have been made.

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