The main north-south route that connects Ocean County's Northern Barrier Island communities is re-opening through the Sandy-ravaged borough of Mantoloking today. But stiff restrictions will be in place.

Mario Tama, Getty Images

Starting at 7 a.m. Route 35 is reopening to thru-traffic in Mantoloking but only homeowners and contractors with passes will be allowed access into neighborhoods.

Mantoloking Police Chief Mark Wright says, "We have the capability of running license plates. We also have passes. The contractors that belong here that are working to assist residents also have passes. So, we'll know who belongs in town and who doesn't."

Travel Still Limited

Wright says traveling through his community will be extremely limited because many of the houses are still compromised. More than 200 homes in the affluent enclave were deemed uninhabitable following the super storm, some homes were seen floating in the Barnegat Bay.

Wright says, "Our mission is to keep everybody that doesn't belong in town, that's driving through, to continue to drive through. We want to keep them going. You're going to see State Police, you're going to see local law enforcement out there....We don't want anybody stopping, standing, you know, getting out of their cars or anything, to take pictures or what not. If you don't have any business in town and you're not a resident, you need to stay on the highway and drive through town."

Wright says they put the security measures in place to prevent burglaries.

"Well because we have compromised houses, ones that haven't been taken down and taken away. There are belongings still in those houses. We don't want people climbing through them. We don't want residential burglaries."

Several Burglary Arrests Made

Wright says they've already made several burglary arrests and they don't want to see an increase.

The Route 35 corridor on the Northern Barrier Island also coincides with the reopening of Jenkinson's this weekend in Point Pleasant Beach. Some of the attractions on the Jenkinson's Boardwalk also open today.