LAWRENCE — A major Mercer County interchange will close on Saturday as part of an ongoing construction project.

Both the north and southbound ramps at exit 67 for Route 1 from Route 95 North/Route 295 South will close Friday night at 10 p.m. and remain closed all day on Saturday into the evening, according to the New Jersey Department of Transportation, to allow for the installation of deck panels on an overpass as part of an ongoing $4 million maintenance project.

The southbound ramp has been closed since January and will remain closed until at least mid-April, according to spokesman Kevin Israel, who said the weekend closure is key to finishing the first part of the project.

"The work happening this weekend will allow us to work on the ramp heading to Route 1 northbound, while allowing people to access Route 1 northbound without a detour," Israel said.

Drivers on Route 95 North/295 South will be directed to continue to Exit 65 for Sloan Avenue in Hamilton, where they can reverse direction to get onto northbound Route 295 and exit for both directions of Route 1.

"It's a pretty heavily used ramp. We realize there will be some inconvenience on the part of motorists in that area, but this is a major part of the project," Israel said.

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