You would think that with all the controversy surrounding my position on the outrageous, illegal and immoral lockdown, someone would have acted out and let me have it! Well, the truth is based on everything we're seeing around the state and country, most people are actually on the side of normal and know that everything I'm saying is backed up by medical science and our Constitution.

That said, a few years ago when driving to JFK airport to pick up my daughter, I was cut off by a guy driving in a white van. Actually, it seems that he may have thought I cut him off as he was trying to merge ahead of me, on the right shoulder. His reaction? As the traffic broke, the guy swerved and pulled ahead of me, but not before he hurled a full bottle of water at my car! So I sped up and followed him.

I know, I know. What was I gonna do if we stopped? To be honest, I had no plan. I was just angry that this jerk threw something at my car. I gave chase for about ten minutes until he went right to exit off the Parkway. For a few seconds, I did contemplate following him onto the ramp. Even put on my turn signal so he knew, then my common sense kicked in and I went on my way. The thought that stopped me was this crazy guy could be armed for all I know and what was I gonna do either way? Get into a fist fight?

Has this happened to you? As one caller on the show this week put it..."this is Jersey, EVERYONE has a story."

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