There’s a group, No Dogs Left Behind, that rescues dogs from China that have been slated for human consumption, and they’re opening their first U.S. shelter in Jersey City. NDLB takes dogs from Chinese slaughterhouses, wet markets, dog meat trucks, and illegal dog dealers, gives them medical care and flies them to the U.S. for adoption.

According to Hoboken Girl, they are looking for volunteers. In a press release, the organization says the new “Base Station” in Jersey City “will house up to nine rescued dogs, and will serve as the hub for our social media outreach as well as our junior volunteer program and fostering program. We are currently recruiting volunteers of all ages from the Jersey City area, and all over New Jersey generally, to help No Dogs Left Behind fight the good fight with us in this global war against cruelty and a global fight for sustainability.”

On their website it says: “Until all of the dog meat trucks are empty, until every wire cage is destroyed, and until every slaughterhouse is shut down, No Dogs Left Behind will not stop fighting to end the dog meat trade in every corner of the world.”

The organization points out there are three ways to help: Donate, Adopt, or Sponsor. Donate and adopt are pretty self-explanatory; sponsor means either a monthly donation to sponsor a dog or paying the airfare for one of the rescued dogs to be flown here to the U.S. You can also volunteer at the shelter and/or buy NDLB merchandise from their website.

The shelter is scheduled to open by the end of the month.

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