By every poll published in New Jersey and in the United States, politicians,


elected officials, are held in the nth degree of contempt. Single digit approval ratings.  And yet, in spite of the low esteem,

we reelect them at every opportunity. Why? I don’t know.  It defies reason.  But one observation that might shed a bit of light on that paradox is this:  that as voters you and I are only a sideshow in the great political circus. Elections are a ritual entertainment held every two or four or six years that have no real meaning any more other than as entertainment.

Re-election has been made nigh automatic with re-districting, and most  power and resources put in the hands of the incumbent. They’ve rigged the game. The real action is in the commerce between the lawmakers and the moneyed interests who feed cash to the players in return for laws, regulations and actions that favor their interests. These favors are bought and sold in a political bazaar that has nothing to do with the public or the public weal.

But the money taken in is enough to produce and rig the Political Sideshow every two, four or six years.  And with enough left over to sustain a high and privileged lifestyle. So the November song is not  “Let Freedom Ring”,   but “Send in the Clowns.”

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