Ben Carson and Donald Trump are threatening to drop out of the upcoming GOP debate if MSNBC doesn't alter the format to increase candidate talking time and reduce the amount of commercials. Meanwhile, Christie's lack of campaign could mean he's forced to drop out of the race altogether.

Attorney and Save New Jersey blogger Matt Rooney called in to discuss these possible political dropouts for the next GOP debate and the 2016 presidential campaign itself.

Rooney said that political qualifications are actually a hindrance in this race because people want a different type of candidate, which is why Chris Christie's Republican Governor's Association experience and connections aren't helping him much.

"The donors don't have a place to go," Rooney said in regards to the cash flowing toward presidential hopefuls. "They don't trust Trump. They maybe don't think Ben Carson has enough experience- he might be a little green as a presidential candidate."

Ultimately, he said, donors want to give money to a candidate who'll put out a good return on their investment.

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