Senate Democrats overrode a Gov. Chris Christie veto Thursday, pushing back against his rejection of a gun control bill that would prevent those with histories of mental illness from legally owning firearms.

Attorney and Save New Jersey blogger Matt Rooney called in to share his perspective on the notable political motion, saying Senate President Steve Sweeney is trying to link law abiding citizens with criminals who use guns.
"Attacking gun owners is like cat nip," Rooney said.
He also pointed out that this bill shows the legislature's priorities aren't a reaction to the true needs of New Jerseyans. "That's fifty times they could've tried to lower our property taxes, yet here we are trying to pass a bill that doesn't even address the crime," Rooney said.

Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick also called in, agreeing with Rooney and I that we don't have anyone addressing the real problem in our state: taxes.

“Minor legislation has taken over all the airwaves,” Bramnick said.

“This is not a bad idea- even the NRA supported this bill. But it’s a smokescreen,” Bramnick said of the gun control measure.

If you ask me, that about sums it up.

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