Nothin' like a little homegrown Jersey talent to make you feel proud of our state!

We first met the adorable Echo Picone when she performed with her sister, the very talented and also adorable Sophie, on the Big Joe Jersey talent show stage. Everyone was talking about how amazing the sisters were and how their stage presence captivated the huge audience that was there that evening on the beach in pt pleasant.

Since then, the girls have become our unofficial kid mascots, popping in on the show now and then, and staying close. Echo, in particular, is now a professional actress and singer, on her way to stardom after many appearances in the professional TV, music, and theatre world.

I was lucky enough to see Echo star in Annie recently, at the Axelrod Theatre in Deal, where she blew everyone away. Featuring Luke Berardi on bass, here’s a teeny, tiny small taste of the vast and varied talents of Echo Picone. How many 11 year olds can rock AC/DC like this?

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