According to Newsweek, the rest of the world is finally catching up to New Jersey and rediscovering pinball. I have been a pinball fan most of my life (the best birthday present I ever got was a pinball machine for my 40th birthday), and frequent the Silverball Museum arcade in Asbury Park as often as I can, so it’s kind of cool finding out the rest of the country is getting on board.

In the the Newsweek article, Jack Guarnieri of Jersey Jack pinball is quoted as saying that pinball tables (including ones he makes) have better speakers, larger displays, and digital enhancements and that they are a great investment for bar owners, with not only the machines becoming more popular, but pinball tournaments are, too. Places like the Silverball Museum and the Game Vault in Morristown have been championing pinball (and other old school arcade games) for years, and now a whole new generation is discovering the fun.

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