The sun, the waves, and South Jersey's gorgeous sand. Are there many more reasons you need in order to indulge in a beach day at the Jersey Shore?

For one man from Williamstown, he goes to the beach to get creative.

David Coyle has become pretty popular over the years for his insane sandcastle creations he erects along New Jersey beaches.

This time, he's gaining some attention for the epic construct of Citizens Bank Park he made in Ocean City.

According to, Coyle has been crafting amazing sandcastles on the beach for years. It all started with his son. He first started out making sandcastle masterpieces with him over 20  years ago.

This time, though, he got to work on the Phillies-themed sandcastle for a boy named Joey Dickerson, a little boy who can't get enough of Coyle's insane creations.

What happens when the castle's all finished? Well, Coyle knows that the masterpiece won't be standing the following day.

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