I am quick to point out abuses of our government, especially law enforcement. I consider it my responsibility, since I have a platform here and on the radio. We all must be vigilant that our government, particularly those in law enforcement.

It's a balance, a fine line between anarchy and totalitarianism. But when a police officer goes above and beyond in serving and protecting, it's also our responsibility to recognize and applaud that as well.

Police officers usually catch our attention after a shooting, arrest, or car stop. Sometimes the moment is so out of context, it's impossible to make a judgement, but many times we do. So much of what they do to keep society safe and from spiraling into chaos is never seen or talked about. We should all realize what many of them go through every day, many of us couldn't handle for one hour.

What a rookie Perth Amboy cop named Kyle Savoia did is nothing short of breathtaking — his breath and ours. Watch in the video above!

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