A Neptune City police officer has been charged with cyber-harassment after getting the phone number of a woman he had pulled over on the road.

Damien Broschart, 29, of Howell, who has had five years on the force, was suspended without pay by his department after the woman reported him.

The woman was pulled over by Broschart in early October on a traffic stop and was arrested on several drug charges and moving violations. After she was released from custody, Broschart took her back to her vehicle, Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni said Thursday.

After deactivating his body cam and mobile video recorder on the ride to her car, Broschart asked for her phone number, according to Gramiccioni. Later during the same shift, he sent her several text messages including one where he called her "cute" and said he would like to “pay [her] back” for everything, the prosecutor said.

Broschart texted sexually explicit messages and suggested he meet the woman at her home after his shift but she refused and abruptly ended the communications, according to Gramiccioni.

The officer then called her three times from the Neptune City Police Department. Broschart left a message requesting a call back from the woman but she did not answer or return any of his calls, Gramiccioni said.

“Once the Neptune City Police Department learned of the allegations against Broschart, we acted immediately by launching an internal affairs investigation and contacting the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office. This type of behavior will not be tolerated, and has no place within the Neptune City Police Department, and the entire law enforcement community," Neptune City Police Chief Matthew J. Quagliato said in a written statement.

Gramiccioni said four other law enforcement officers in Monmouth County have lost their jobs recently as a result of misconduct.

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