It turns out the two goats spotted along the Garden State Parkway for the last several weeks weren't even goats.

Popcorn Park Zoo Director John Bergmann said they turned out to be Katahdin sheep, which look like goats. They were captured Thursday morning at a farm along the Parkway in Monmouth County and brought to the Associated Humane Society's Tinton Falls location.

The plan was to lure the sheep into a kennel on the farm, and then close the door behind them, Bergmann said. But when Bergmann and his team arrived the homeowner had noticed one sheep — the mother of a mother-daughter duo — already in the kennel, so they closed the door behind her.

Bergmann then had get the mother out of the kennel to try and lure the other sheep inside. But, Bergmann said, that took some more time.

"The little black one, her daugther, was running around and running around. They're pretty wild," Bergmann said.

Plus, upon further examination, "there's a good chance that mom is pregnant," said Bergmann with a laugh. But Bergmann said he still has no idea how they got to the Parkway.

The sheep will stay at the Tinton Falls facility in quarantine for the time being, and then be brought to the Popcorn Park Zoo in Lacey Township. The sheep have not been named yet.

"We have to spend some time with them, get their personalities. They're scared right now," Bergmann said.

The sheep had been seen in the area of the northbound Parkway at exit No. 100 in Tinton Falls for the past two months. On Tuesday, Bergmann and a team of volunteers managed to get the sheep to step through a hole in a fence, which was closed then closed up to stop them from being near the highway.