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Let's face it, we've all worked with someone that just wasn't a good fit for the position they were hired for. And the plague of bad hires is a pretty big problem in the U.S. In a Robert Half survey released in March, 81 percent of small and midsize managers business owners said they'd made a bad hiring decision. And once the bad hire is made, it takes companies nearly 17 weeks to fix the mistake.

So what sort of impact does a bad hire have on the workplace? According to the survey, not only is time wasted spent training the bad hire that will most likely be replaced in a few months, but bad hires also increases stress on the employees, as well as the manager.

With so many bad hires being made in the workplace, it's no wonder that for some employees it leads them to question their manager's hiring judgement. In fact, according to the survey, 20 percent of employees report having decreased confidence in management's ability to make good hiring decisions.

And perhaps one of the reasons why we've all had experiences working with a bad hire is because many managers just don't realize how difficult the hiring process is. The Robert Half survey revealed that of those polled, nearly 50 percent of believe managers underestimate the complexity of the hiring process.

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