A logo making company called Graphic Springs decided they could get some recognition this time of year by doing a survey on rebranding Santa Claus. The results are rather shocking in my humble opinion.

27% of respondents said they would rebrand Santa Claus as either a woman or make him gender neutral. 10% chose a woman. 17% said gender neutral. Almost 4% said he should lose the beard.

Are you kidding me? A sexually ambiguous clean-shaven Santa? What's this world coming to? We don't need to reinvent the wheel here.

Now to be fair, they didn't phrase the question as, "Should Santa be rebranded and if so, how?" They simply forced the issue asking, "How would you modernize Santa?" So leaving tradition alone wasn't even an option.

Still, some of the selections were off-putting. Such as 18% saying Santa should wear skinny jeans. 20% saying Santa should have tattoos.

So if we're all going to lose our minds here in 2018 and feel political correctness is so necessary, we decided to offer a politically correct Santa survey of our own. Please answer the following questions honestly.

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